The Taxonomy of Twenty-First Century Television


Television, like any phenotype of human culture, is constantly evolving.  It is subject to the same Darwinian forces that mold everything from politics and predators to the eyeballs trained upon them.  In the age of the truly world wide web it is the dominant genus in the world of entertainment.  Like all genera, it contains species.  These species arose in response to changes of an economic nature as well as those of viewers' tastes and interests.  Here are the new and old species of programs entertaining consumers not only here in America, but across the globe.

Breaking Bad, A Final Look

This article is chock-full of spoilers.

Two Clips from Professor Soap's Upcoming Animation Series Danger Planet

 While details are not many, here are two clips/gifs courtesy of Professor Soap of his up-coming animated series Danger Planet:  Read his interview with Joe Hubris here.

Comments to Joe Hubris

Akta Good Science Fiction: A Review of SVT's Real Humans


Den bästa science fiction på TV is currently coming from Sweden.  

Is God Bipolar?

Bo Byron is the singer and songwriting force behind the funk and soul band Slum Lord Byron.  Joe Hubris is thrilled to publish this essay on his ideas about Christianity, faith and spirituality.

By Bo Byron

The Bible is a beautiful, poetic work of literature.  Much inspiration, wisdom and truth can be found within it.  However, if one's personal views are shaped by fear, from which all hostility, jealousy and prejudice arise, some passages can be interpreted to support those beliefs and agendas.  If a man shoots at a wall every day for a month and then, afterward, draws a target around the bullet holes, he looks like a better marksman than he actually is.

The TEPCO Nuclear Disaster, Two Years Later


The Japanese national broadcaster, NHK recently aired two programs on their English Language service on the Nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which occurred two years ago last month.  

A Life Out Loud: An Interview with Portland Trans Activist Natalie Marie

 Natalie Mayoraga, AKA Natalie Marie is a prominent voice for the Trans community co-hosting the weekly Out Loud on Portland's own community radio station, KBOO.  She is also active with 

A View from the Top: A Review of Sundance Channel and UKTV's Top of the The Lake

This article contains episode 1 spoilers

Crime in Atherton, CA: And You Thought Your Neighborhood was Bad

Thank you, Aq Baron, whoever you are, for posting scanned images of the Mercury News police blotter for Atherton, CA--the town that lard built.  It is famous today, by virtue of being the second most expensive city in America.

Here is at least a sampling of what was recently reported to the police:

Coghlan Lane, 7:33 p.m. Friday: A woman told police someone was at her door and that when she asked who it was, no one answered.  Police responded and determine the stranger outside had delivered package (sic).

Heritage Court, 12:44 a.m. Thursday: A woman whose finger got stuck in a drain was reported to be conscious and breathing.

I Have Seen the Promised Land Tuesday Night on Channel 4: A Review of Utopia



Out with the Old and In with the Hubris

 A look back at 2012 and a look forward at 2013.


 There are two Americas.  

There is one America that is guided by principles, and one that's guided by voices.
One America believes everyone should vote.  One does not.
One America shapes their message for their audience.  One does not.
One America knows that immigration is our greatest strength.  One does not.

Pixie Kitchen Photos

Click here to view the interview with Terry Martell about the Pixie Kitchen and how she came to posess some of the actual Pixies that used to live at the kitchen.  Sadly, it is long gone, but the Pixies have been rescued.

Let's start with:


Our First Year -- 7,000 people visited the Pixie.  This year over 320,000 people will pass in Front of the Big Mirrors in the Hall.  If we count entering and leaving, this figure will be 640,000.

The Mirrors were brought from Pittsburgh--and Freight and Crating cost almost as much as the Quoted price on the mirrors."

Vancouver, Washington Sketchbook

Very cute Latina all black nice ass sandals faux-alligator-skin purse. Hair in a high pony tail. Very thin.
Crazy. Yellow top, brown pants, hair shaved in a bizarre fashion. Short in back, sheared in the front. Kinda like a messed up Celtic tonsor. VPL, may be wearing diaper. Pointing and waving in random directions.
Nobody waves back.
White sweats, Nike tee underneath. Curly hair, Latina, pretty for her age. Black bag, medium build, short.
Lime green blouse, gray slacks, or rather, pants, white house slippers, 50's hair in a short, sensible style.

Interview: Testing Bombs, Splitting Worlds and Saving Israel with Professor Lev Vaidman

Lev Vaidman is not a household name, but perhaps it should be.  The Russian-born physicist at Tel Aviv University has demonstrated that teleportation (of photons, if not Star Fleet officers) is possible.  His work has led to evidence of parallel universes.  It has suggested that in the quantum world, time moves both backwards and forwards.  And now, He might just guarantee the survival of Israel--in at least one parallel world.

Do We Live in a Two-Dimensional Universe? An Interview with Physicist Craig Hogan

Is Space Digital? asks the cover story of this past February's Scientific American (by Michael Moyer).  The subject of that article, the Fermilab's Holometer experiment (officially called Experiment E990), is a remarkable project.  It is designed not to study some exotic particle or the properties of matter or energy, but to examine the fabric of space itself.

The Joe Hubris Show: Brazen, an Interview with Morgan Page

Morgan Page is a multi-disciplinary artist and social worker based in Toronto.  She is the author of Brazen: the transwomen guide to safer sex.  While it's primarily aimed at trans sex workers, it's full of useful information for anyone in the trans community or their partners.

Joe Hubris talked to her at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Click here for the interview.

The Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

Click here to view the first ever Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

WARNING:  This video contains images of realistic prosthetic penises.

Stand to Urimate, L.L.C. provides a variety of products primarily for transmen.  Joe Hubris spoke to them at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Review: Borgen, One of the Best TV Shows You Will Never See

 WARNING:  This article contains spoilers.


Television is American.  It is as American as Apple pie.  It may have once been the bastard step-child of the dramatic arts, but god dammit, it was our bastard step-child.

So how did the Danes get so damned good at making it?

Fixing the Broken: an Interview with Taxidermy Artist Lisa Black


Lisa Black with her Fixed Fawn and her new studio.
Some have labelled New Zealand's Lisa Black "The Steampunk Taxidermist".  And in fairness, her biography does describes her as preoccupied with "an imminent future where technology and biology are intimately combined".  She refers to herself only as a sculptor, jeweler and artist, and would ask others to do so, as well.

Departed Ram by Lisa Black

See Departed Ram by Lisa Black at the Rogue Taxidermy show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Silver Lake opening May 4th.




Photos by Lisa Black.

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Information vs. Injustice: Information vs. Bashir the Butcher

The BBC Program Panorama featured an amazing episode on Homs.  Sadly, Americans cannot watch it.  Those of you outside the US can do so here.  Reporter Paul Wood traveled three times to the city without the permission of the Regime.  At one point, he had to follow a two-mile-long tunnel with a clearance of less than five feet to cross the front line.  


And the Hubry Goes to... The GOP and its Magic Transvaginal Probe

Receiving a Hubry takes something special.  Winning a 
second one is monumental.  The political party that brought us the Terri Sciavo case has decided that there is no area of personal life into which they are unwilling to inject their elongated, appendage-like nose.

The Return of Ramen to Philadelphia

There's been a ramen-shaped hole in the heart of philly since 
Aoi closed a few years ago.  Fortunately for all, Ben Watanabe, the former owner of Aoi has teamed with Yakitori Boy to bring us back to the tonkatsu promised land.


A Horse-Drawn Hearse--The Tradition Survives in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Trolley Works and 76 Carriage Company offers a variety of horse-drawn services to the public.  Their primary business is carriage tours of Independence Mall.  They also provide carriages for weddings and other special events, and an authentic, antique hearse for funeral processions.


Please Support the Victims of the Tohoku Disasters, One Year After

This March 11 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and nuclear disasters.   Japan continues to struggle with the after effects.

Information vs. Entropy

Entropy is that strange, difficult-to-understand/define property of the physical world which is somehow related to equilibrium and as anyone who ever sweated through a physics class knows, in a closed system, always increases. 
The change in the amount of entropy in a system is inversely related to the amount of information needed to describe that system. 
Consider the following classic example:  Ice melting.  Take a glass of ice water and put it into a box which is at room temperature.  Now you have a closed system with three different states of water and three different temperatures: water frozen solid in the ice, water in a liquid form (a little warmer than the ice) and water vapor suspended in the air in the box (at room temperature, a little warmer  than the liquid water).
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