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Television, like any phenotype of human culture, is constantly evolving.  It is subject to the same Darwinian forces that mold everything from politics and predators to the eyeballs trained upon them.  In the age of the truly world wide web it is the dominant genus in the world of entertainment.  Like all genera, it contains species.  These species arose in response to changes of an economic nature as well as those of viewers' tastes and interests.  Here are the new and old species of programs entertaining consumers not only here in America, but across the globe.

This article is chock-full of spoilers.

 While details are not many, here are two clips/gifs courtesy of Professor Soap of his up-coming animated series Danger Planet:  Read his interview with Joe Hubris here.

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Den bästa science fiction på TV is currently coming from Sweden.  

Bo Byron is the singer and songwriting force behind the funk and soul band Slum Lord Byron.  Joe Hubris is thrilled to publish this essay on his ideas about Christianity, faith and spirituality.

By Bo Byron

The Bible is a beautiful, poetic work of literature.  Much inspiration, wisdom and truth can be found within it.  However, if one's personal views are shaped by fear, from which all hostility, jealousy and prejudice arise, some passages can be interpreted to support those beliefs and agendas.  If a man shoots at a wall every day for a month and then, afterward, draws a target around the bullet holes, he looks like a better marksman than he actually is.


Lisa Black with her Fixed Fawn and her new studio.
Some have labelled New Zealand's Lisa Black "The Steampunk Taxidermist".  And in fairness, her biography does describes her as preoccupied with "an imminent future where technology and biology are intimately combined".  She refers to herself only as a sculptor, jeweler and artist, and would ask others to do so, as well.


The Japanese national broadcaster, NHK recently aired two programs on their English Language service on the Nuclear disaster in Fukushima, which occurred two years ago last month.  

 Natalie Mayoraga, AKA Natalie Marie is a prominent voice for the Trans community co-hosting the weekly Out Loud on Portland's own community radio station, KBOO.  She is also active with