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UPDATE October 14, 2009: In honor of his 200th birthday, a "missing link" of flying dinosaurs, which filled in a gap, millions of years long, between the earliest, primitive pterosaurs and those that followed has been named after him.  The gap was known in Darwin's time and the features of Darwinopterus reveal much about how these creatures evolved.

See Departed Ram by Lisa Black at the Rogue Taxidermy show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Silver Lake opening May 4th.




Photos by Lisa Black.

Comments to Joe Hubris

This March 11 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and nuclear disasters.   Japan continues to struggle with the after effects.

 WARNING:  This article contains spoilers.


Television is American.  It is as American as Apple pie.  It may have once been the bastard step-child of the dramatic arts, but god dammit, it was our bastard step-child.

So how did the Danes get so damned good at making it?

The BBC Program Panorama featured an amazing episode on Homs.  Sadly, Americans cannot watch it.  Those of you outside the US can do so here.  Reporter Paul Wood traveled three times to the city without the permission of the Regime.  At one point, he had to follow a two-mile-long tunnel with a clearance of less than five feet to cross the front line.  


Receiving a Hubry takes something special.  Winning a 
second one is monumental.  The political party that brought us the Terri Sciavo case has decided that there is no area of personal life into which they are unwilling to inject their elongated, appendage-like nose.

There's been a ramen-shaped hole in the heart of philly since 
Aoi closed a few years ago.  Fortunately for all, Ben Watanabe, the former owner of Aoi has teamed with Yakitori Boy to bring us back to the tonkatsu promised land.


Philadelphia Trolley Works and 76 Carriage Company offers a variety of horse-drawn services to the public.  Their primary business is carriage tours of Independence Mall.  They also provide carriages for weddings and other special events, and an authentic, antique hearse for funeral processions.


 Does all evil begin with a lie?

That's the question that Joe Hubris will be posing to revellers May 21st, at this year's Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.  The festival is the premiere cultural event in East Kensington and is famous for its Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.

Come to Joe Hubris' table and discuss the above question, buy an Information vs. Injustice tee shirt and enjoy some street philosophy.

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Cherry blossom viewing is the singular cultural event in Japan.  As if the Fourth of July were combined with Chinese new year and Mardi Gras and celebrated with a suspension of open-container laws in any convenient urban park.