Billy Penn Hangs On...

Leave it to the Phillies to be denied their Title, not by the other team, but by the first ppd in WS history. 

I arrived at game 5 of the World Series at "the Bank" to a steady drizzle of rain.  The game, however, would start on time.  My friend Chris and I made our way up to Harry the K's bar high above the field, at the base of the Jumbo-tron.  The stories-high TV screen blocked a lot of the rain that was coming down.

I'm not saying that things didn't get worse when they called it later, but it was perfectly predicted in the weather report and frankly, not much worse than it had been.

My complaint is that they should have just postponed the game from the beginning.  That would have been the smart/fair thing to do.  As it is, making them play in that soup blunted Philly's Number-one advantage: Cole Hamels on the mound. 

I still think Philly has the advantage.  We have a much better bullpen and we have 12 outs to their 9.  Also, we're still playing against a terrible cold weather team--and a dome team.  They went 0-5 and were outscored 34-10 when the temperature dropped below 50 degrees going into the Series.  Through yesterday, dome teams are a woeful 4-10 on the road in World Series history.

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