Desperation on the Right: Thomas Sowell

I may or may not have heard of Professor Thomas Sowell prior to reading his column, "Ego and Mouth" on  The only ego on display here, appears to belong to Mr. Sowell.

Prof. Sowell begins his piece with the modest assertion that Obama's only qualifications are "ego and mouth."  This despite his time as a Senator and his time in Illinois state politics as an elected representative of thousands of American citizens.  He follows that up with the equally supportable contention that Obama has not acheived anything other than "cocksure confidence."  And later, that he has "actually accomplished nothing."  It seems like becoming the presidential nominee of the Democratic party is an achievement and perhaps also an accomplishment.

The professor continues, claiming that "self-righteous self-confidence" is Obama's trademark and compares him to an Ivy League sophomore who is "utterly untempered by experience in real world."  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, I presume the published author intended to put a "the" in front of "real world," but I digress.

Let's talk about the real world and that of academia.  It would appear that Prof. Sowell has little or no real world experience.  In fact, on his CV, under the heading "Experience" he lists 13 items, from "Labor Economist, United States Department of Labor" to "Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute."  The only jobs that could be described as real world work are the position with the Dept. of Labor, a job which he held in 1962 and the position of "Economic Analyst" for AT&T,  a job he held three years later.  I might more enthusiastically call them real world jobs except for something that caught my eye: he held both positions from June of one year until August of the next.  In essence, it looks like the professor took a year off of his academic pursuits.  As a student, Prof. Sowell graduated magna cum laude From Harvard Undergrad.  Obama also graduated magna cum laude, but from Harvard Law and was the editor of the Harvard Law Review.  That's only the most prestigious position in the most prestigious law school in America.  He later taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago.  But once Obama finished his studies, all he did was go out and work in--dare I say it--the real world!  His work in Chicago communities, his work as an attorney, his legislative experience and his campaign all appear to have tempered him well.

After accusing Obama of "self-centered immaturity" (twice, for good measure) and accusing his supporters and the media of ignoring it, the Professor tells us that Obama said "I will change the world."  Apparently at a rally in Henderson, Nevada, today.  He does not appear to have ever said that.

Indeed, a google news search will lead you to this article from Rupert Murdoch's Sky News. The headline reads: "Obama: 'I will change the world.'  But despite the quotes, it does not appear that he said that at all.  He appears to have said his election would bring the country the change we need, but after I looked at several videos of the event, I never heard him utter those words.  It appears he got the quote from the Sky News headline.  I would think that after all those years in academia, the professor would have learned some of the basics of research, like going to the source to confirm a quote before you put it in your publication.

The Professor isn't through.  He derides Obama's economic policy and philosophy regarding judicial appointments.  He seems to characterizes Obama's tax plan as "taking money away what has been earned by those who have accomplished something and giving it to whomever he chooses..."  Seriously, he actually said "what" instead of "that'. 

He also says that Obama would appoint judges based on their empathies with various segments of the population and that that makes a mockery of "the very concept of law."  Obama, he asserts would "(wreck) the economy and (destroy) constitutional law."  I guess what he's clumsily saying, is that Obama thinks that minorities deserve judges who can identify with them... Is this actually Obama's position?  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out exactly what he's talking about.  But only someone without any real experience in the legal system would dismiss the need for empathy (or "empathies") on behalf of judges as a legal mockery.

I'll leave it for you to judge, kind reader, whether he's correct in saying that Sen. Biden is more glib than Gov. Palin and whether he's a "liberal's liberal."  Also, only you can decide whether or not Biden is "much more of the kind of politician the mainstream media like."  And whether or not that sentence is properly constructed.

What the good professor really shows with his absurdly over-the-top, vitriolic overstatements, is the desperation and horror of the right as they await the apparent Obama victory this coming Tuesday.

For some real world desperation and horror, check out these videos of McCain supporters from a previous rally held in Henderson with Palin.

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