8 Years

From Nadir to Apex.

In 8 years, America has gone from its modern political low point to its high point.  David Axelrod is the anti-Karl Rove.  The debacle that was the 2000 race--that which seemed to so dominate our view of national politics has been washed away.

Also gone, is the Reagan era.  Up until this year, the coalition that carried the Republicans in 1980 had held.  Now, with Obama able to carry Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and perhaps North Carolina, he and his campaign have created a new coalition.  Unlike Reagan's which was white, this one is white, black and brown.  Hispanics helped deliver Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico and look to be a permanent part of the new Democratic majority.  McCain was unable to build on the progress that Bush made.  In fact, the Republicans backslid. 

The bad news: it appears that Prop 8 in California will pass.  It appears that the rights of sexual minorities will remain a challenge.

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