1968, the Long Hot Summer. Half way around the world, a different kind of hot: In Portland, Oregon, an Irish Catholic woman was pregnant by her suburban WASP husband. Three months later, in the, uh... Long Hot Fall, Joe Hubris was born. Much as Achilles was defined by his post-natal dip in the Styx, So Joe was defined by the political strife, social unrest, recreational excess, and cartoon violence which dominated his gestation.

During his childhood, he focused on public service. As the hope and optimism of the 1970's faded, they were replaced by the bitter corruption and soul-stealing strictures of the '80's. But Joe was a quick study. He learned to put self before others. He learned to value the giant and distant over the small and local. He rebuilt his life trading sustainable hippy recycling and renewability for disposable suburban consumption.

In the '90's, during the Clintonian semi-great semi-restoration, Joe found himself in the land of the rising sun where he studied Japanese efficiency and culturally dictated self-denial.

Joe's life since has been a blue-state tour de force. Portland, New york City, Boston, Port Fishington, Philadelphia. He was granted full-blown liberal elite status in 2005 when he became a trial lawyer, and spent the ensuing years getting criminals off on technicalities.

Today, he wanders the highways and by-ways of the land, using the powers of information vs. injustice.  He could be anywhere.  He could be sitting next to you right now.

Evil-doers beware!

Contact him at joe@joehubris.com