Bush-Free Livin'

Since Joe Hubris has been bush-free, he feels 100% better.  He can think more clearly.  His hair has stopped falling out.  He's not bloated all the time.  He's making healthier decisions at mealtime.   Most importantly, He's been able to get off the oxy's.

Philadelphia's RUBA Club started things off right with what will hopefully become an annual tradition: a Bush-Free America Party.  Joe Hubris himself took one for the team when he donned a Bush mask and allowed revellers to throw shoes at him as he dodged.  This could become the new Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.  How about a home-edition featuring a cut-out of Junior, some inexpensive shoes and a score tablet?  I see it being sold on college campuses everywhere by this spring.

The video is here.

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