Commercials I Hate!

Bayer Asparin for Coronary Health

The ad promotes taking Bayer Asparin to prevent heart attacks. There is an older middle-aged woman who says what is surely one of the most inane things ever: "I never thought I'd have a heart attack, but I did!" Really? You never thought you'd suffer from the most common form of death in America: heart disease? I could buy: "I didn't think I'd have a heart attack" or "I thought I had avoided the scourge or heart disease." But "I never thought" I'd have one? That's simple stupidity.

Liberty Mutual's Responsibility

One of the ad's starts with an elderly African American gentleman arriving in his modest apartment with his groceries. He receives a phone call and we learn his name is Walter. The caller informs him that he "may" have found something that belongs to him. Walter seems wary. He asks what has he found. The caller tells him to come to the window where he thinks he can show him what he has found. 4 stories below, a young black man standing by a silver import holds up a wallet. Walter reaches for his pocket, as if to confirm he had lost it. How this myopic senior citizen can see this 4" wide black object and recognize it as his wallet is beyond me. Also, I hate this campaign. No corporation "does the right thing". Unless you define "the right thing" as maximizing returns for its shareholders.

Another "Responsibility" ad takes place at a carnival, as members of the public and members of the Carney elite see each other do niceties for one another in turn.  The song playing in the background makes me want to brain a folkie.

The NBA's Where _____ Happens

Jesus god almighty.  Long, lingering still shots of action with sometimes ironic, sometimes poinient comments always framed by "Where" and "Happens" and everyone of them backed up by the same beautiful, heartfelt piano music.

This is the official promotional campaign of the NBA. They make me want to never watch the NBA again. 

Who thinks that this is a good way to promote NBA Basketball.  Oh, right: the old, out-of-touch baby boomers who run the league.  The NBA is about action, power, athleticism and grace.  It has historically been sold as cutting edge, the hippest and coolest of the major sports.  So why are they trying to sell it like a Twenty-fifth anniversary diamond?  Oh, right...

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