Mexico Burns

Having destroyed the Andean region of South America and the inner cities of North America, US drug policy is now marching like a wildfire through Central America and is now raging through the border regions of Mexico.  There is a shooting war going on south of the border.  A civil war is being fought between various poly-drug trafficking organizations and between them and the government.  The situation there is looking more and more like the situation in Colombia.  American drug policy has allowed organized criminals to amass huge coffers with which they can engage in even more nefarious activities.
Here is an analogy: imagine leaving your home empty with the door wide open and the TV on in the front room.  Someone steals your TV.  The person who stole your TV is at fault, but you would deserve your share of criticism if you continued to leave your door open.  Criminals must be held responsible for the crimes they commit.  But we as a society have to recognize that we could end the violence in Mexico, as well as that of Colombia and North Philadelphia today if we simply took away the illegal drug profits by changing the laws.  That makes us complicit in everything that is happening now.
In the face of the carnage that has been wrought across the globe, and the huge financial costs associated with the incarceration of millions drawn to the lucrative drug trade, there must be a reassessment.  It is the responsibility of everyone who understands this to speak out and challenge out-dated concepts of drug use and abuse as moral failings.  The best scientific evidence suggests that drug use is a normal human activity and that drug abuse is best combated with education for all and treatment for those with a problem.   This needs to be the foundation of any national drug policy.  It is sadly lacking in the current one.

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