One Day Only: Kari Ferrell's Hipster Grifter Tour at Room 504, Criminal Justice Center

Since YouTube was her downfall, it was only appropriate that Kari Ferrell, the "Hipster Grifter" appeared at her extradition hearing via closed-circuit TV.  It's standard procedure for the waiver hearings to be conducted without bringing the prisoner all the way to the CJC from State road.  Ferrell has taken grifting far.  She started out in her hometown of Salt Lake and managed to become one of their "most wanted."  She then managed to turn herself into a quasi-celebrity while stealing cellphones and duping hiptards from Prospect Heights to Park Slope.  And she was snared as only a hipster grifter could be.  A local musician who had been in contact with her lured her onto a Chinatown bus with a promise of a free ride to Portland.  When she arrived, officers from the 6th District were waiting.  She has since been held at the House of Detention here in Philly. 

There were four reporters present (apart from this one), Doree Shafir, who has covered this story extensively, from The New York Observer, Tony Hansen from KYW 610AM, Brittany Talarico from the Inquirer, and Dan Gross from the Daily News.  Shafir's piece hilariously makes mention of Palumbo's "saunter" into the courthouse at 10:15.  He's notoriously late on the bench.  He had also probably never heard of Ferrell and thus had no idea there would be press in the room.  Oops...  Her piece was head-and-shoulders above the other three, which were strictly "who, what and where" pieces.

The videolink to the prison is set up and left on for the entire session.  It captures the prisoners conferring with their public defender.  She was no exception.  She appeared and got on the phone before the hearing and then handed it off to the next prisoner.  She waived extradition and what followed was a standard inquiry into her competency.  She was not insane.  She was not under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.  She was of the age of majority.  She was educated, having received a BA from the University of Utah (apparently a lie). And with that, the Honorable Frank Palumbo said he was satisfied and back she went to her cell.  Now, Salt Lake authorities have 30 days to come pick her up.

Why waive extradition?  Presumably she had no chance of gaining anything in such a proceeding.  All the while, she would have to sit and wait in a Philadelphia prison instead of the relative comfort of its Salt Lake County counterpart.  That's where the story began, and presumably will end.  Nothing that happened today changed that.

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