The Quantum World Splitter.  Visit Tel Aviv University for all your world splitting needs.  The homepage of Morgan Page, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist.

Stand to Urimate, L.L.C..  A resource for transmen in transition.

Lisa Black Creations.  Taxidermy art and jewelry for those who crave the sublime.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery.  Lowering the brow of Silver Lake for over two decades.

Rose Chocolatier.  Hand-crafted chocolates delivered anywhere in the country.


Xenotees.  Great t-shirts.  The website of artist Neil Burke.

Geek Boy Press.  Truth in advertising.

The Fire. Located on GIrard Avenue between 4th and 5th, featuring a steady parade of great live music and great bartenders.

Urban Eco Electric.  They install solar panels on homes at no cost(!) and you pay them a low monthly fee for the length of the contract (20 years).

The Ideas of Henri Bergson.  Courtesy of Sara K. Ellis.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  Mind porn.

Evolutionary Bioinformatics.  A scientific journal exploring evolutionary theory as a tool for understanding our world.

Beer, Food, Geekitude. Casey's outstanding comics and blog.

Walter Roberts.  A true renaissance man.

Japan Trends Shop.  A great place to shop on the web.

Siderius Nuncius, By Galileo Galliei.  A translation of one of the greatest scientific treatises ever.

A Moument to the 56th Shinyo Special AttackSquardron Iwadate Unit  A great source for Philly music and events.

The Online Philosophy Club.  A great place for light conversation about heavy topics, or vice versa.

Nocturnal Transmissions.  With D.J. Milton.  Airing every Saturday night on KMUN in Astoria.

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