Obama Office Opens in Fishtown

In a building that once housed an ancient tavern, the Obama campaign has opened one of its field offices on East Girard. This is the same block as Ekta and only a block from Sketch, raising the question: has Obama's appeal extended to local gentrification? According to Aislin Thompson, a local volunteer, the office has had 534 volunteers walk through the door since it opened. She supported Clinton in the primaries. Now, she admits that that fact and her conversion give her an advantage when calling. She says any rift between Hilaristas and Obamanos is overplayed. "The real difference is between McCain and Obama." She says. This Monday afternoon, the office was populated by her and two very nice staffers from out of the area. The focus of this location, and perhaps the entire field operation is voter registration. When asked whether she's seen more newcomers or towners volunteering, Thompson quickly says newcomers, although she adds that towners are showing interest by engaging in conversations and house meetings. They have formed a group called PIC: Philadelphia Irish for Change to engage the more elusive denizens of the neighborhood. Those interested in voluteering should contact Githa at 267 975-8730.

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In the end, Clinton

In the end, Clinton supporters have three choices: Obama, McCain or not voting. I'm pretty sure that they'll mostly go Obama.

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