5/222/12: A recent Philadelphia City Paper article by Drew Lazor about the Philadelphia ramen scene.

3/15/12: Researchers have discovered what may be a new human species in China.

3/13/12:  A great article by the Japan Times about the two types of men:  Salarymen and ramen.

2/17/11:  Japanese are using robots as a strategy to deal with their demographics crisis.

11/19/10: Information is converted to energy!

12/11/09: The prevailing view of the earth's primordial atmosphere originating from the bowels of volcanoes may have to be rethought, with an extensive examination of their gasses.  According to the researchers, the gasses themselves were brought to Earth by meteorites and comets.

11/24/09: Officials have cracked sudoku-gate wide open.  The nefarious Varshovshky has been found, retested, exposed as a cheater, and disqualified from the tournament.  There is even a photo of him.

11/11/09: SUDOKU-GATE UPDATE: Sudoku authorities have apparently located the shadowy Mr. Varshovsky and will retest him as part of their inquiry into the cheating scandal that shocked the puzzle world.

: You gotta love a guy who can't play sudoku, but puts on a hoody, walks in and tries to cheat his way to a cash prize.  He can be seen here in the background (Photo from the Philadelphia Examiner).

10/30/09:  Found this link of Facebook.  It's an interesting piece about the evolution of language.  Researchers suggest that "Dirty" is the first work that will go extinct in English--in around 750 years.  Plan accordingly.

10/28/09: New Reseach has shed light on Darwin's Abominable Mystery--What is behind the spectacular and sudden rise of flowering plants.

: Follow up on the first ever Hubry award recipient, Larry Mendte.  He is trying to "get back on track" by "coming clean."  Click on their video link to see how wrongly a story can be spun: Larry Mendte, our buddy, comin' back. Alicia Lane, bad career moves, aint' life a bitch? 

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