And the Hubry Goes to... The GOP and its Magic Transvaginal Probe

Receiving a Hubry takes something special.  Winning a 
second one is monumental.  The political party that brought us the Terri Sciavo case has decided that there is no area of personal life into which they are unwilling to inject their elongated, appendage-like nose.

Republican members of the Virginia General Assembly, led by Governor Bob McDonnell were searching for a way to legally put barriers in the way of women seeking to excercise their legal right to control their own bodies.  Their plan:  require all women to have an ultrasound prior to terminating a pregnancy.  Other states have already done so.  Texas, AKA Republicania, is well ahead of the pack.  In the early stages of a pregnancy, however, a standard, abdominal ultrasound will not reveal details of the fetus.  They could have left it at that.  Instead, they decided to put the magic words themselves into the bill.  Nicolas Kristoff went so far as to call it "abuse".
Pursuing one's policy goals is no obviously no vice.  But being so removed from reality, that you end up the focus of ridicule on Saturday Night Live, is something else entirely.  Amy Poehler ought to send these guys a thank-you card for giving her some of the best material in years.
And then you fold like a card table.  Really?  So... you make yourselves look like freaks from some alternate, Margaret-Atwood Universe where the state gets to do anything they want to you.  Then you cave and make your opponents look reasonable and effective.
That's hubris for ya.
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