And the Hubry Goes to... an Unnamed Secret Service Agent

Your job is arguably the most important in the federal government:  the protection of the life of the President.  So much so, that the names of members of your agency are protected as state secrets.  You are sent to a foreign country to clear things a week ahead of an important Presidential visit.  It just so happens that this visit takes place in a city, Cartegena, Colombia, famous for legal prostitution.  You drink heavily "throughout the week".  After a night carousing, you and a dozen fellow agents decide to sample the local trade.  You take your "dates" back to the hotel--the same one where the President will be staying.  

You don't pay your girl.  Hey, why bother?  She's a lowly whore and you're a secret service agent.  What can she do about it?  You're the one with all the power... and the hubris.
Did I mention prostitution is legal in the "tolerance zone" of Cartagena?
Where prostitution is legal, prostitutes are protected by the law.  So what can she do about it?  She can, and does go to the police to file a complaint against you for not paying.  They notify the State Department.  They notify the White House.  
Congratulations.  You and your hubris are responsible for "the biggest scandal in Secret Service history".

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