The David Report

October 2008:

1. Croatia continues to hold its 6th place despite a loss to England and a two draws.

2. Lithuania (with under 4 million people) defeated Austria and Romania by a combined 6 to 0 to move up 17 spots in the standings to 37th overall.

August 2008:

1. Croatia.  Croatia, with their population of 4 million, is currently ranked 6th in the world by FIFA.  They are coming off a quarterfinal loss to Turkey, after posting wins against Germany, Poland and Austria, three counties with a combined population of almost 130,000--almost 33 times as large as the land of the Vatreni (the Firey).  They are by far, the greatest David in the August rankings.

2. Scotland.  Currently ranked 16th in the world, Scotland has one-seventh the poplation of England, currently ranked 14th.

3. Israel.  This land of 6 million chosen people is currently ranked as high as they ever have been at 20th in the world.

4. Norway.  With less than 5 million population, Norway is ranked 29th, ahead of the United states and Mexico.

5. Northen Ireland. At 1.7 million, Northern Ireland is a clear 2nd after Croatia.  They incredibly are ranked just behind the US and literally have the same point total as Mexico and are ahead of the Republic of Ireland (Prodestants and Scots rejoice!). 

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