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Click here to view the interview with Terry Martell about the Pixie Kitchen and how she came to posess some of the actual Pixies that used to live at the kitchen.  Sadly, it is long gone, but the Pixies have been rescued.

Let's start with:


Our First Year -- 7,000 people visited the Pixie.  This year over 320,000 people will pass in Front of the Big Mirrors in the Hall.  If we count entering and leaving, this figure will be 640,000.

The Mirrors were brought from Pittsburgh--and Freight and Crating cost almost as much as the Quoted price on the mirrors."

If we had all the Hailbut that we used last year--piled into the dining room--you would now be sitting up to your neck in Halibut--22,280 lbs. or if we did the same with oysters--you'd never speak to us again.

The clams we used, if laid end to end would extend 51/4 miles.  Inasmuch as clams are "rubbery" this could probably be stretched to 81/2 miles--8,650 pounds.

If we took all the shrimp that was used last season and placed them end to end you'd think we were crazy--12,819 pounds.

If the scallops used last season were placed one on top of the other--they would reach 12,200 ft. and if left there during the summer months--would create a shortage of tourists in this area--11,056

If you were driving from Otis Junction  to 1/4 mile south of Nelscott you would now half way.  The same would be true if you were walking.

If you want to tell your friends how to get here--it's simple--we are just 1/2 mile south of being 1/2 the distance from the equator to the North pole.  (This is true).

A stranger is a friend you have not yet met.

It's nice to have you with us.


--From the back of the Menu (year uncertain).

Blue Fish from the Pixie Kitchen:

Pixie from the Caboose at the Pixie Kitchen:

Terry and the Captain from the Pixie Kitchen:

Pixie Conductor from the train at the Pixie Kitchen:

Sad fish from the Pixie Kitchen:

Seal and blue pixie from the Pixie Kitchen:

Small Characters from the Pixie Kitchen:

The menu in the following pictures was curtesy of Oregonian rock reporter Curt Schulz.

Pixie Kitchen menu cover:

Pixie Kitchen menu cover detail:

Another Pixie Kitchen menu cover Detail:

Yet another Pixie Kitchen menu cover detail:

Check out the prices at the Pixie Kitchen: Cheeseburger and fries for 84 cents.

Fish mouth in the center of the Pixie Kitchen menu

Pixie Kitchen menu detail:

Another Pixie Kitchen menu detail:

Yet another Pixie Kitchen menu detail:

Cocktails and highballs available from the Pixie Kitchen's Shell Room:

For more about the Pixie Kitchen, visit Romantic Oregon Coast Vacations or thePixieKitchen.com.

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