Out with the Old and In with the Hubris

 A look back at 2012 and a look forward at 2013.
Looking back at another disappointing non-doomsday.  Every few years, we (and by we, I mean "I") become utterly convinced that the boring, work-a-day world we all share is about to implode, taking down most of our fellow humans, including your boss, all local law enforcement, and most of the romantic competition.  It is all for naught.  Looking forward to a close shave in February from Asteroid 2012 DA14.  Perhaps this is the 2012 to which the Maya were referring.
Looking back at the 47% thumping the 1%.   Despite spending billions, including $300 million by Kaptain Karl, Romney got his ass beaten across the board.  Information vs. Injustice, indeed.  Looking forward to the chance for Obama to make some real "Change."
Looking back on the first full year free of Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.  The icing on the cake came two days before Christmas, when Marine Matthew Phelps proposed to his partner during a visit to the White House.  Looking forward to the Supreme Court taking on DOMA and state gay marriage bans.
But onto more important matters:  Television.
Looking back on the last season of Breaking Bad (part a).  Looking forward to the last season of Breaking Bad (part b).  Meanwhile, everyone who lives in Denmark will enjoy a very bright New Years day with the premiere of the third season of Borgen.  The Brilliant Danish political drama will eventually make its way to the UK, and then perhaps to some obscure US outlet (Hulu save us!).  2013 promises to be a year of major change on the smaller-than-90" screen.  30 RockSpartacus and Fringe are all set to end their runs.  In other news, a long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development is definitely maybe premiering this coming May.  The BBC's Sherlock is set to return late in 2013.  The innovative revival of the world's most famous detective was created by Doctor Who Producer Steven Moffat and stars Benedict Cumberbatch (who's slated to be the next Star Trek Movie's villain) and Martin Freeman (AKA Bilbo Baggins).  In The Following, FOX has brought James Purefoy back to American televisions and paired him with Kevin Bacon in the Footloose star's first TV series since 1981's The Guiding Light.  
A happy and prosperous New Year to all.

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