30 Days

Wow, what a week that passed.  Washington Mutual is gone.  The Administrations last big shot--the $700b bailout of America's finance machine appears to be on the road to approval.  If there is nothing in place by tomorrow (Monday 9/29) will there be a massive sell-off?

The Palin selection is starting to look like one of the worst in history if McCain loses, and even if he doesn't.  One thing that has bothered me since he took her, is why would McCain select a running mate that he had only spoken with twice--only once in person.  What was he thinking?  Generally, The most important decision a candidate makes as he or she is running and you're going to hitch your wagon to someone you've had hardly any interaction with?  I mean, if it was someone who was well known to you through the media, that would be different, but to say she was an obscure political figure would be an understatement.  Even if she was a widely-known figure, I would still think that as a candidate, you would want to be personally sure that he or she was compatible with your campaign and competent.  I just don't think that you can make that call after only a few minutes together.  That Couric interview sure makes this opinion look good today.  We'll see how smart her pick looks on Nov. 5.

Obama had a great performance in the debate.  He clearly got what he needed done.  He looked presidential.  He conveyed a command of the issues and a sense of depth.  His number one goal was to allay the concerns about his experience.  The polls and I agree that he brought some of those undecided voters home.  

If you were a conservative pundit/campaign spokesperson/republican talking head you thought McCain did a great job.  He might have even won hands down.  Joe Hubris is none of the above.  He started every answer with some variation of "Obama just doesn't understand."  That was annoying.  He literally never looked at Obama, what was that all about?  Was that a strategy?  Was is something he decided he would do?  Was it totally inadvertent?  If the latter, what does that say about him?  That he has little or no respect for Obama?  That he as disdain for him?  One problem he has is a lack of issues.  His appeal is almost solely his "maverick" reputation.  He is viewed in the eyes of the public as a Republican who isn't beholden to the forces of evil as so many of his party-mates are.  I assume that the continued, sometimes shrill criticism of Obama was part of an attempt to reinforce that.  What about winning over voters concerned with his age?  He told quite a few tales of yore, including one about Eisenhower and D-Day.  I'm sure that helped make him look forward thinking. Toward the end, his teeth started whistling.  I assume he doesn't have dentures, but seriously, he sounded like the Family guy pedophile.  Combining the criticism of Obama, the refusal to look at his opponent, the tooth whistling, the tales of days gone by.  He ended up seeming like a crotchety uncle.  I can't imagine that was their plan.

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