The Joe Hubris Show: Brazen, an Interview with Morgan Page

Morgan Page is a multi-disciplinary artist and social worker based in Toronto.  She is the author of Brazen: the transwomen guide to safer sex.  While it's primarily aimed at trans sex workers, it's full of useful information for anyone in the trans community or their partners.

Joe Hubris talked to her at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Click here for the interview.

The Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

Click here to view the first ever Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

WARNING:  This video contains images of realistic prosthetic penises.

Stand to Urimate, L.L.C. provides a variety of products primarily for transmen.  Joe Hubris spoke to them at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

The Return of Ramen to Philadelphia

There's been a ramen-shaped hole in the heart of philly since 
Aoi closed a few years ago.  Fortunately for all, Ben Watanabe, the former owner of Aoi has teamed with Yakitori Boy to bring us back to the tonkatsu promised land.


A Horse-Drawn Hearse--The Tradition Survives in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Trolley Works and 76 Carriage Company offers a variety of horse-drawn services to the public.  Their primary business is carriage tours of Independence Mall.  They also provide carriages for weddings and other special events, and an authentic, antique hearse for funeral processions.


Please Support the Victims of the Tohoku Disasters, One Year After

This March 11 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and nuclear disasters.   Japan continues to struggle with the after effects.

Evil, Mendacity and Kinetic Sculpture

 Does all evil begin with a lie?

That's the question that Joe Hubris will be posing to revellers May 21st, at this year's Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.  The festival is the premiere cultural event in East Kensington and is famous for its Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby.

Come to Joe Hubris' table and discuss the above question, buy an Information vs. Injustice tee shirt and enjoy some street philosophy.

Email for more info.

Hanami in a Time of Sorrow



Cherry blossom viewing is the singular cultural event in Japan.  As if the Fourth of July were combined with Chinese new year and Mardi Gras and celebrated with a suspension of open-container laws in any convenient urban park.


And the Hubry Goes to... The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and an Unnamed Citizen

Coming of age beneath the foamy clouds and hoppy, verdant landscape of the Great Pacific Northwest, Joe Hubris has always had a soft spot in his heart (and liver) for beer. He is also a proud liberal, and a believer of the positive role government can and should play in peoples' lives.   That's what makes the news of last weeks beer raids in Philadelphia an even more sour brew to swallow.  It is truly ironic that this great capitals of liberalism has laws that treat our blessing-in-a-bottle as if they were written by members of the Liberty University board of trustees. 

One Day Only: Kari Ferrell's Hipster Grifter Tour at Room 504, Criminal Justice Center

Since YouTube was her downfall, it was only appropriate that Kari Ferrell, the "Hipster Grifter" appeared at her extradition hearing via closed-circuit TV.  It's standard procedure for the waiver hearings to be conducted without bringing the prisoner all the way to the CJC from State road.  Ferrell has taken grifting far.  She started out in her hometown of Salt Lake and managed to become one of their "most wanted."  She then managed to turn herself into a quasi-celebrity while stealing cellphones and duping hiptards from Prospect Heights to Park Slope.  And she was snared as only a hipster grifter could be.  A local musician who had been in contact with her lured her onto a Chinatown bus with a promise of a free ride to Portland.  When she arrived, officers from the 6th District were waiting.  She has since been held at the House of Detention here in Phi

Bush-Free Livin'

Since Joe Hubris has been bush-free, he feels 100% better.  He can think more clearly.  His hair has stopped falling out.  He's not bloated all the time.  He's making healthier decisions at mealtime.   Most importantly, He's been able to get off the oxy's.

And the Hubry goes to... The City of Philadelphia Zoning Board of Appeal

No one can deny that Joe Hubris is as liberal as the hills.  He believes that liberalism is the best hope for all of us.  That being said, he hates the degree that the city of Philadelphia intrudes into the lives of his fellow residents.  Now, couple that with hubris and you get the latest loss for the city and its economic health.

Celebrate a Bush-Free America

When: January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day Night)
Where: RUBA Club (414 Green Street)

For the first time since 1980, no Bush will hold high office in America.  That's worthy of celebration.

Billy Penn Hangs On...

Leave it to the Phillies to be denied their Title, not by the other team, but by the first ppd in WS history. 

I arrived at game 5 of the World Series at "the Bank" to a steady drizzle of rain.  The game, however, would start on time.  My friend Chris and I made our way up to Harry the K's bar high above the field, at the base of the Jumbo-tron.  The stories-high TV screen blocked a lot of the rain that was coming down.

I'm not saying that things didn't get worse when they called it later, but it was perfectly predicted in the weather report and frankly, not much worse than it had been.

My complaint is that they should have just postponed the game from the beginning.  That would have been the smart/fair thing to do.  As it is, making them play in that soup blunted Philly's Number-one advantage: Cole Hamels on the mound. 

Obama's Registration Drive

After the free Springsteen concert on the Parkway yesterday, I stopped by a volunteer's table on Fairmount and after raiding his button pile, I asked him how things were going.  He told me he was in charge of 2 wards and that in those 2 wards, they had 4000 new registers over the previous 5 weeks.  He had personally registered 120 people in 12 hours over Friday and Saturday.  Those numbers simply cannot be ignored--despite the fact that they aren't counted among surveys of likely voters. 

If Pennsylvania was ever in play it is not now.  I was thrilled to see Bruce (for free!) but was even more so to see him in Ohio today.

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