Hubry Awards

And the Hubry Goes to... The GOP and its Magic Transvaginal Probe

Receiving a Hubry takes something special.  Winning a 
second one is monumental.  The political party that brought us the Terri Sciavo case has decided that there is no area of personal life into which they are unwilling to inject their elongated, appendage-like nose.

And the Hubry Goes to... The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and an Unnamed Citizen

Coming of age beneath the foamy clouds and hoppy, verdant landscape of the Great Pacific Northwest, Joe Hubris has always had a soft spot in his heart (and liver) for beer. He is also a proud liberal, and a believer of the positive role government can and should play in peoples' lives.   That's what makes the news of last weeks beer raids in Philadelphia an even more sour brew to swallow.  It is truly ironic that this great capitals of liberalism has laws that treat our blessing-in-a-bottle as if they were written by members of the Liberty University board of trustees. 

And The Hubry Goes to: The Philadelphia Phillies

There has been much good news in the Philadelphia baseball world in the last year and some heartache.  Add to that some hubris.  Catching a home run ball is the dream of any baseball fan.  Even more so when it is your first trip to a major league game.  For 12-year-old Jennifer Valdivia, that dream came true at a Marlins-Phillies game on July 17th when Ryan Howard hit his 200th career homer at the fastest pace in Major League history.

And the Hubry goes to... The City of Philadelphia Zoning Board of Appeal

No one can deny that Joe Hubris is as liberal as the hills.  He believes that liberalism is the best hope for all of us.  That being said, he hates the degree that the city of Philadelphia intrudes into the lives of his fellow residents.  Now, couple that with hubris and you get the latest loss for the city and its economic health.

And the Hubry Goes to: Sarah Palin and the RNC

The Republican party has built its brand on misleading the common man into believing they are the party of the common man.  They have pursued tax policies designed to enrich the rich and... enpoor(?) the poor all the while being supported by working class people who oppose hippies, gays, abortions and Europeans.

The First Ever Hubry Award

The first ever Hubry goes to:

Larry Mendte

Larry Mendte is living the Hubris life.  The man has experienced massive personal and professional success, to wit: He was the Emmy-award winning anchor of his hometown news station.  He was clocking about what this reporter makes a year every month.  He had recieved the Edward R. Murrow Award for his reporting (that's like the Oscar of reporting!).  In '07, he was named one of the 75 greatest Living Philadelphians by the Daily News.

One day he gazed across the anchor desk and saw a fair maiden, named Alycia Lane, who not only was beautiful, talented and younger, but was having the same kind of success as he had experienced--and was earning more than he was!

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