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Pixie Kitchen Photos

Click here to view the interview with Terry Martell about the Pixie Kitchen and how she came to posess some of the actual Pixies that used to live at the kitchen.  Sadly, it is long gone, but the Pixies have been rescued.

Let's start with:


Our First Year -- 7,000 people visited the Pixie.  This year over 320,000 people will pass in Front of the Big Mirrors in the Hall.  If we count entering and leaving, this figure will be 640,000.

The Mirrors were brought from Pittsburgh--and Freight and Crating cost almost as much as the Quoted price on the mirrors."

The Joe Hubris Show: Brazen, an Interview with Morgan Page

Morgan Page is a multi-disciplinary artist and social worker based in Toronto.  She is the author of Brazen: the transwomen guide to safer sex.  While it's primarily aimed at trans sex workers, it's full of useful information for anyone in the trans community or their partners.

Joe Hubris talked to her at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Click here for the interview.

The Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

Click here to view the first ever Joe Hubris Show: Stand to Urimate

WARNING:  This video contains images of realistic prosthetic penises.

Stand to Urimate, L.L.C. provides a variety of products primarily for transmen.  Joe Hubris spoke to them at the 2012 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

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